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Think you could come up with a Hitchcock-type poster idea?

Creating a poster for Dilemma without revealing too much of the intricate and complex elements of the story made this poster design, as it turned out, into a bit of a dilemma in itself.

On this page and the HOME page there are a number of 'sketches' for the poster but out of the total of 15 sketches there were a few that Dilemma's two directors, Peter J Tisma and Brian Finucane.


Producer/Director Peter J Tisma is no 'newbie' when it comes to the art, having in his day come up with ideas for Star Trek, Jurassic Park and Star Wars (among hundreds).

Peter's favourite themes are largely Eastern European examples "you used to give them a brief and then they went wild with their imagination - I've got some serious pieces by several of these artists on my wall. Take Michal Krasnopolski a Polish designer who graduated from the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz; he currently works in design in his country and his work is often featured. Being a fan of old thrillers, ironically, he decided to do a series of movie posters dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock. He went for Psycho, Rear Window, and The Birds.

The Poster Dilemma

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A number of artworks are required to produce the extended range of film posters today. The traditional 'one-sheet' was literally what it said, a single sheet of paper designed to fill an adspace and it became the most used. Other artworks include 'Quads' (a wide-format sheet that is landscape in appearance) and 'banners' (for social media sites such as Facebook were header banners are used along with page posts. Instagram prefers a squared-up 'Polaroid' aspect ratio, with circular 'ID roundels' required for identifying the page. There are also a host of advertising squares and 'footers' for various publications such as LA Times and London Standard.
For the agencies creating them, they are big business, designed to entice audiences into the cinema or renew a due, streaming subscription or to simply reach out.

There is a fabulous selection on the 'Little White Lies' website.

In the end, instead of coming up with a final design, we decided to put a number of sketches on our website and let you, our film's future audience, comment. So please subscribe on our front page (you could win a few free tickets or a 'VIP Night Out' with the stars or more.

_ _ _


In the end, (unless we find a competition winner among our illustrious audience and fans of the noir), we might simply go to an agency who turns them out almost as if they were on tap.

Michal Krasnopolski's modernist designs for an old series of Hitchcock films. Can you name them? See above for info.

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Using the pictures on this site's GALLERY pages please send your Hitchcock styled ideas to us at: (mark in the Subject Header: DILEMMA POSTER) and we will pick the best and show them on this page with your name.


You never know, you might win one of our great prizes and your work could be our new poster design!


We will also submit your entries to the people who are taking care of our Social Media (and they could even find their way onto our boards when we have our premier so don't forget to SUBSCRIBE).

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